I get this question all the time. “Which lens do you use? What camera body do you own?” Over the years, I have upgraded gear and continue to do so. As I have learned, your gear is essential for your work process and for producing quality images. Any gear related to photography is expensive, so you can expect to invest in good gear. Don’t buy a lesser-known economic lens than the more prominent brand names.  I made a mistake and ended up buying the lens I was avoiding purchasing, thinking it would save me money.

What gear I Use

This is inside my camera bag and the gear I use for my photography sessions. I try not to overwhelm myself by carrying a heavy bag full of expensive camera gear, not to mention I can potentially forget something. I started my photography with this same gear and still use it today. I have upgraded my camera body and have added a lot more lenses and other camera equipment, but when it is time to gear up, this is what I have on me. The only other piece I did not list below is a grey card, which I have on me, and it helps me break the ice when I capture the first image. I find having a grey card useful, especially if the lighting situation isn’t that great; I can always fix it in my post-processing.