Senior Photography in Colorado Springs

The senior year is a momentous chapter in one’s life, filled with significant milestones that bridge the gap between youth and adulthood. These pivotal moments deserve to be captured for the tangible memories and the emotional resonance. In Colorado Springs, one dedicated photographer, Natalie, specializes in seizing these moments.

The senior year begins a new, exciting phase in life. Natalie recognizes the depth of these emotions and is committed to ensuring that your senior photos reflect your journey. We aim to encapsulate your personality, dreams, and aspirations in every frame.

We’re here to document the transition, the transformation, and the promise that comes with the tassel turning. Natalie’s dedication and artistry ensure that the memories will survive time and become a cherished part of your life’s story. Let us be your partners in creating senior photos that speak to your heart and soul, preserving this significant chapter for generations to come.

Why Choose
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Why Natalie’s Studio is Colorado Springs’ Premier Choice for Senior Photographs?

For many reasons, Natalie’s Studio is the top pick for seniors on the cusp of a new chapter in their lives.


Understanding Youth

Natalie’s Studio takes pride in capturing images and embracing the transition that defines the youth-to-adulthood journey. The senior year is a unique time where the exuberance of childhood meets the promise of maturity, and our graduation photography reflects this delicate intersection. Every photo tells a story that resonates with the essence of being young and full of dreams.

Local Touch

Natalie has a profound understanding of the Colorado Springs community. This familiarity allows us to seek locations that resonate with today’s youth. We provide a backdrop that complements your personality and mirrors the local culture. We understand the hidden gems and vibrant settings Colorado Springs offers, ensuring your photos are authentic reflections of your roots.

Custom Sessions

At Natalie’s Studio, the emphasis is on tailoring each session to match the senior’s unique personality, interests, and aspirations. We take the time to get to know you, understand your passions and dreams, and design a session that speaks to your individuality.


Natalie’s Studio offers a comprehensive range of senior photography services in Colorado Springs. We provide diverse options to ensure your senior photography experience is extraordinary.


Studio Portraits

Our studio portraits offer a blend of modern aesthetics and classic charm. We provide a variety of backdrop choices, allowing you to select the setting that best represents your style and personality. Whether you want a clean, timeless look or a vibrant and contemporary vibe, our studio sessions can be tailored to your preferences. Additionally, we offer options for props and wardrobe changes to infuse a sense of uniqueness into your portraits.

On-location Sessions

Our on-location sessions are the perfect choice for seniors who wish to have the beautiful landscapes of Colorado Springs as their backdrop. We have in-depth knowledge of the city and can guide you to iconic sites or even discover hidden gems that resonate with your vision. If you have personal favorite spots that hold sentimental value, we will bring your session to these locations, adding a personal touch to your senior photos.

Themed Senior Shoots

To create distinctive senior photos, we offer themed senior shoots. These sessions allow you to express your individuality and interests through photography. Whether you’re drawn to a vintage, boho, sports-centric, artsy, or any other theme, we bring your creative ideas to life. These themed shoots offer an opportunity to celebrate your passions and hobbies while producing exceptional, memorable images.


Portfolio Highlights

A curated slideshow of seniors photographed by Natalie showcasing a diverse array of styles and settings within Colorado Springs

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Here’s a step-by-step guide to guide you through the entire booking process.

Here’s an outline of the photography journey with Natalie’s Studio, from the initial inquiry to the unveiling of the final portraits:


The Initial Inquiry

You can contact us through social media or our website's contact form. We respond to your questions and address any concerns. We gather essential session details such as the date, location, and type of session. You receive a follow-up email containing a questionnaire to fine-tune session specifics.


The Booking

When you're ready to proceed, an initial payment is required to secure your date, accompanied by a signed agreement. The session fee is 50% of your session quote, contributing to your photography session cost, depending on your chosen package. The remaining balance is due upon receiving your proof gallery. We send a questionnaire to understand your preferences and expectations, including outfit styling, locations, and must-have shots. We follow up one week before your session day to ensure everything, from wardrobe to location, is in order. We sign an agreement outlining all the previously discussed details, confirming your booking.


Your Session Day

Your session will be customized to fit your needs, and we will help you the whole time. We prioritize making your experience enjoyable while ensuring authenticity and intimacy in the photos. We aim to exceed your expectations and capture the moments that matter.


Proof Gallery and Ordering

After the photography session, you receive a sneak peek within 48 hours, which includes a lightly edited proofing gallery. You receive your final gallery with personalized and edited images eight days later. The remaining session fee balance is due to access your final gallery. Any additional services or prints you request will be added to your final payment. Once the final payment is received, you gain access to your complete gallery, showcasing the beautiful memories captured during your session.


The Basic


Includes a session that lasts up to one hour and professional editing on 10 images.

The Chic


Includes a session that lasts up to one hour and professional editing on 20 images.

The Luxe


Includes a session that lasts between one - two hours and professional editing on 35 images.

Add-on services

Additional Images

per image

Additional Time for Session

per hour


Before scheduling your free consultation with Natalie’s Sports Photography in Colorado Springs, you can contact us with any questions using these options:



I’m here to assist you with any queries you may have.


Request Contact

You can also request a callback to streamline our communication. Fill out the form below with your name, contact address, and a brief message.

Your inquiries and bookings are essential, and I’m here to ensure your experience with Natalie’s Senior Photography is as smooth as possible.

How Can We Help?

Since my schedule books up rather quickly, I recommend scheduling your session several weeks in advance to ensure your session time on my calendar.

You can book a session online from the, Book a Session page and you have any questions in regards to your session or anything else you might be wondering about my photography before you book, contact me!

Absolutely! Professional typically have a plethora of knowledge and experience in all aspects of photography. They also have access to software that can enhance your pictures to make sure they are the very best quality.

Check out previous photos taken. You can check some of my work on my portfolio page. Matching what you are looking for to a photographer with expertise in the style or theme can help make sure your photos are the best quality!

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